Kite Gen Research

By admin, August 10, 2009 9:25 pm

Founded in 2007, Kite Gen Research is a privately held company, with headquarters in Chieri, near Torino. Our vision for tomorrow’s wind energy is truly international.

Kite Gen Research wants, toghether with the sister company Sequoia Automation S.r.l., to offer more efficient solutions to the severe energy shortage of the planet: cheap renewable energy, in large quantity, with no GHG emission and low land use.

Kite Gen Research is the applicant of more than 22 patents, registred internationally, to protect KiteGen technology.

Who we are

Massimo Guido
Massimo Ippolito Guido Ferretti




Riccardo Renna Marcello Corongiu Igor Sabbetti Ivan Sergio

giuseppe thumb


Wang Sehn

Giuseppe Volpe Leonello Zaquini Seng Chee Wang

The Board of Directors is presently composed by: Massimo Ippolito (President), Guido Ferretti, Mario Marchitti, Giacomo Torrente

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