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By Massimo Ippolito, May 8, 2010 4:13 pm

KiteGen® is the latest evolution of wind energy exploitation. It is a radically new and innovative concept that may be the most practical and effective solution, in the market of renewable sources, to the world’s energy needs and problems.
The main innovation is given by the fact that KiteGen can exploit an unexploited, virtually endless and almost universally available energy power: high altitude winds.

In order to exploit this huge amount of energy a radical change of perspective has been done: no more heavy and static structures but light and dynamic machines.
Large wings, driven by a high-tech control system based on avionic sensors, fly at high altitude, harvesting the energy of powerful winds, much faster and constant than those available to traditional wind mills.
KiteGen’s vision is a new type of electric generation plant, based on a renewable source, suitable for any territory, at costs lower than fossil fuel generation plants, in direct competition with today’s conventional production (coal, oil or nuclear), in the GigaWatt class.

6 Responses to “About KiteGen”

  1. Yann says:


    The approach you guys took towards the concept is incredible, I think it’s the most interesting way to offer green energy espacially the fact that it is at a good price.

    Congradulations very expceptional.

  2. Roman Bond says:

    I really hope it works. Often, there is great gap between theory and practical application. I hope that practical tests will show that KiteGen can deliver. Very exiting..!

  3. Robert Smith says:

    Huh. Was just reading a 1987 translation of Hermann Oberth’s “Primer” and he mentioned his 1970s presentation called “Kite Power Station” (alas, finding an English translation of this particular book is so far impossible). In the Primer’s appendix there are both sketches and also a photograph of a model of The Kite Power Station from the Oberth Museum. If Old Hermann could write of rockets, space medicine, multistage lifts and satellites in the 1920s and be laughed at by all experts right up until his student Von Braun invited him to view the Apollo launches… then maybe Oberth’s idea that KiteGen is calling ‘radically new’ will also be more than a quirky idea.

    Hope so. Best wishes from the United States.

  4. manuel says:


    this is a big step in the direction of renewable energies and away from fossil energy sources as well as nuclear power.
    you have my full respect!

    Although this is a world-changing project, I think your idea should be much more popular and present in the media all over the world.
    I hope your company will get a lot of further investors in this way!!

    great success

  5. Frank says:

    I’ve proposed your concept to a number of readers on Zerohedge.com, the leading independent and critical financial news website as well as the Daily Telegraph, a leading newspaper in the U.K. .

    I know about your concept for 5 years now and have followed developments closely.

    Your concept of harnessing high-altitude winds is simply fantastic, well thought through, well executed, with all the major shortcomings of traditional wind power generation being eliminated, at low production and operating costs.

    There are only 3 major problems that remain:

    1. People are not aware about your concept.

    You have to disseminate much more information about your company and your wind-power generation concept.
    Most people don’t even know that your company exists, nor do they know about high altitude windpower.

    Especially not the members of “Green parties” in the parliaments of Europe, who could put this onto the politcal agenda.

    2. Big oil, big coal and big nuclear utilities companies,

    with gigantic multi-billion dollar lobbying efforts pressure politicians all over the world into investing into outdated and simply dangerous energy concepts instead of putting the money into green and reliable energy.

    Make no mistake:
    These energy giants will try to crush you, because for them you are an enemy, because your concept is so superior and
    you would cut into their profit margin.
    They know that.

    Always beware that one day a fake “venture capital company” or “private equity company” will show up, which in reality will be a strawman of the big utilities, showing initial interest in your company, probably offering to “invest” or found a joint venture and as soon as they have the majority in shares they will try to bury your nice idea and never let it emerge again !

    These giant utilities are a mafia who walk over dead bodies and have strong political connections !

    If your concept becomes reality, they will lose billions of dollars in revenue.

    3. You need a storage for electric power for times when there’s no wind or in case of a storm in order to deliver reliable baseload energy and not just intermittent energy.


  6. admin says:

    I mostly agree with you, except about the intermittent energy issue.
    High altitude wind allows a superior yearly availability, an interconnected machines net on a wide territory would cancel the problem.
    Atmosphere is an huge accumulator of mechanical energy yet, the total amount is evaluated in 100.000 TWh continuously renewed.

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