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By stekgr, March 1, 2012 1:12 am

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Dear friends,
With the present post we are proud to announce the birth of a new “interactive channel” through which it will be possible to follow the latest news about KiteGen and other related topics. In fact the idea behind KiteBlog is to host not only technical articles about KiteGen technology but also contributions related to energy issues in general, status of natural resources, demography and economic systems. We hope to satisfy the curiosity of everyone interested in our technology, stimulating discussion and comments about the exploitation of the immense field of wind energy at high altitudes, where KiteGen represents the most advanced technology. Furthermore, KiteBlog will be used as primary channel to promote the exploitation of high altitude winds as the ultimate solution that our planet have left in order to avoid the worsening of the interaction between the financial crisis and the lack of resources. A situation where the increasing costs of Energy are gradually dragging the global economic system away from the level of “well-being” resulted from the abundant exploitation of fossil fuels in the last century.

A world that wants to: maintain some degree of economical growth; safeguard the welfare system that it created; improve standard of living of the growing countries; guarantee the right of self-determination for a world population that is constantly increasing; and that wants to do so while preserving the fragile equilibrium of our nature, needs a new source of cheap and clean energy, a radical change of perspective that we believe can be achieved only through exploitation of High Altitude Winds. KiteGen is merely a mean towards this noble end.

All of this may seem vague and far-fetched for now, but stay tuned, because over the next posts, and technology updates, we will prove our thesis.
Each posts will have one or more
categories in order to easily follow the topics of interest.
Here are some of the categories that you will find… Enjoy your reading.

News: Updates on events or milestones achieved

KiteGen: short articles that will satisfy the curiosity about many aspects of the KiteGen technology and its applications.

KiteGen in Depth: detailed articles on technical issues concerning the KiteGen technology and many related topics:

High Altitude Winds: Articles related to wind data, energy potential and comparison with other forms of energy

Energy: Articles related to energy issues, EROEI, resources, history of energy etc…

Vision: Posts related to future energy scenarios

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